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  • Quick, easy access to your daily shower gels and toiletries.
  • Easy wipe clean attracting far less limescale than cluttered, multi-wire racks.
  • More hygienic as there are no tray surfaces to collect stagnant water.
  • Safer than holders that hang loosely over shower heads and which put a strain on the fixings.
  • Bottles can be positioned upside down so liquids flow out easily.
  • To increase storage fix multiple holders laterally or vertically.
  • An original product design by Plew Plew. Matching accessories available.

  • Unique, elegant single wire design.
  • Individually handmade from strong 4mm diameter polished stainless steel.
  • Complete with mirror screws and plastic plug fixings.
  • Dimensions, cm: 32.5 L x 11 H x 5 D (maximum diameter of bottle 4.5 cm)