Plew Plew ®

Shower Caddy Toiletries Holder

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Most shampoos and gels for the bathroom are found in wire trays and on bath surrounds.

Whilst most trays are made from a mass of chromed wire, they quickly become cluttered cages, loaded with all sorts of bottles that love to collate limescale, mould and other debris. Baskets hung over the shower head fittings can also put strain, and hence damage, on the fixings - not recommended. Items on bath surrounds also love to collect various debris and fair no better as they often get knocked over.

Plew Plew’s stainless steel, single wire design is truly quick to wipe clean, attracts no pools of water, hates limescale and you can quickly view and access your favorite toiletries. Place your favorite tubes upside down so that their contents flow out quickly when nearing empty. The maximum bottle diameter is 5cm.

Position vertically one above the other or in a horizontal line, all at a height for easy access.

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Design features:

  • Minimalist design made from polished stainless steel
  • Wall mounted to free surface areas
  • A unique handmade, strong and elegant 4mm diameter single wire design
  • Minimal environmentally friendly packaging with fixings (two mirror screws with chrome caps and rawl plugs)
  • Dimensions, cm: 32.5L x 11H x 5D (maximum diameter of bottle 5 cm)
  • £15.99 (incl. VAT)