Plew Plew ®

Herb & Spice Jar Rack

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The Plew Plew spice rack originated from many years of rummaging through shelves to find that particular spice; always hidden at the back of the cupboard and only then to discover 2 or more jars of the same item.

Looking at the alternatives, spice carousels are bulky, collect dust/food splatter, are prone to being knocked over in the busy kitchen and occupy valuable work areas. Other wall mounted, multi-wire racks have a cluttered look and are prone to collecting dust.

Plew Plew’s spice rack was designed from a single rod of stainless steel wire fused and neatly polished off at only one joint for a stylish, minimalist look.

A truly simple, yet elegant and functional accessory for the contemporary kitchen. Easy to see the jar contents and labels. Hardly ever needing a wipe clean. Designed to hold 7 jars of all popular brands.

Modular, so one can be positioned above the other or side by side for that long elegant look. Fit them to the kitchen wall, cabinet side or inside cabinet door to make the most of your preferences.

If you are pleased with your Plew Plew herb and spice rack, you might like our other stylish kitchen and bathroom accessories and carry the minimalist design theme throughout your house.

Design features:

  • Minimalist design made from polished stainless steel
  • Wall mounted to free surface areas
  • Unique, strong and elegant 4mm diameter single wire design
  • Minimal environmentally friendly packaging with fixings (two mirror screws with chrome caps and rawl plugs)
  • Jars not included
  • Dimensions, cm: 32.5L x 6H x 5.5D
  • £14.99 (incl. VAT)